Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Bomb!!!!

WOW, I was bombed for the weekend. I have the most adventure and fun party for the weekend before start my first semester in Australian National University. Since tomorrow I have to wake up early at8am in the morning, then I have to sleep early tonight. So, tonight I'll spend around 10 minutes to fully summaries what happens for my weekend XD.

Saturday was a windy day, which is quite a nice day to have a hiking expedition in Mount Ainslie. The Mount Ainslie was just located behind Canberra center, around 2-3km away from Canberra Center. Since most of us feel lazy to walk, then we took the bus at 11am near the main bus stop at Canberra. The mountain was totally different from Malaysian forest, which in Malaysia, the forest was so pact of trees and all the leaves in the forest was green. However, in Mount Ainslie, there are quite a few colour of the bark which is in black in colour, yellow in colour and brown in colour. And the trees had different type of green such as pale green, dark green and others. The wind really help us a lot, because compare to Malaysia, when you hiking, you will sweat a lot. But in Mount Ainslie, we don't sweat when we hiking and it makes the whole journey seems easier. It's only took us one hour to climb up to the top and our journey paid off in the end because the scenery on the top of Mount Ainslie was terrific. Luckily I took the whole video for memories.

When we come down, we went for the Australian War Memorial. It was like a museum with a lot of war artifacts and replicas. I manage to learn a bit of Australian history there as there are a lot of small clips being premier to the guest. The museum was so big and we have no chance to fully explore the whole museum. Since we only have a limited time to spend on going around the museum, so we just have a brief visit to every section of the museum. We even pay tribute to the lost soldier.

On Sunday, our senior organise a all Malaysian Potluck Party where all Malaysian can mingle around. I met with few seniors who studies Commerce and others too. I was freaking fun as we was laughing for some lame jokes in the party. My mouth keep on munching the food that all the people brought. Ow Yaa~~~, I forgot to tell that me, Yuga, Pam, Thali, Renu, Jarry, RR and Yen Wei was preparing the 'Fruit Punch' for the party. It went well actually, because the people keep on drinking it.

Thats all for today. I have to sleep early for tomorrow class. See you all soon in the next post.

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