Sunday, February 13, 2011

Difference between life in Australia and Malaysia ^^

YoHoHo~~~ Its me again, blogging with some interesting stuff here. Today I'm going to talk about something that I have discovered along these few days when I'm in Canberra.

I realize that fast food in Australia don't provide chili sauce. It simply means they will charge you when you want chili sauce. For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) here charge us 30cents for each small packets of chili sauce. Even McDonald here also does not provide chili sauce like in Malaysia. The more pathetic is that even the shopping market also does not sell chili sauce (so far no market that I have visited actually sell chili sauce). So, reminder for all tourist and students who coming to Australia soon, bring your own chili sauce if you prefer to eat your fried chicken with it.

Next case is the toilet door has no lock. Means there is no lock install on the door. So far I've asked my friends from different accommodation and they all giving me the same answer, no lock on the toilet door, which is quite scary when some stranger can just enter the toilet anytime when you do 'business'. However, luckily they install something like curtain which can close when you bath. Still, it still dangerous when your toilet door is unlocked.

When I walk on the road in the city, I realize that for the pedestrian street (like zebra crossing), cars actually stopped when you want to cross the road, even without the traffic light indicating that when you are allowed to cross the road. But these zebra crossing only available near the mall such as Canberra center. In other place, there are crossing lights installed at the traffic light, with sounds. This sounds actually is for disable people like blind people. So, they will cross the road when they heard the sounds.

There are also a lot of bicycle parking lot around the city, especially the mall, mainly because there are many people cycle to supermarket, which is more convenient compared to taking a bus or drive to mall. And one more thing, wearing a helmet when cycling is compulsory here, as stated by the law (I guess).

Last but not least, I can't see a single beggar here. My friend said it is against the law to beg for food and money in Australia because it is against the law. So, it also means that I'm going to die of hunger if I don't have money with me and my bank account. Please transfer the money to my account for donation, Thank you XD....

Here is some pictures that I took last few days for the event around ANU and Canberra Center. Link
That's all for today. Bye.

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