Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Wow, today was the 2nd day I stay in Aussie. Sorry I havn't posted ASAP on the blog because I was very tired and have a lot of stuff to do during my stay in Unilodge. So since I have energy to blog, then I'll just write out my overall experience from the departure till now.

It started on Monday evening, where my father a bit blur on sending me to airport. He keep on complain don't know the road to KLIA. I pray to God so hard that we dont get lost along the road to KLIA. By the way, it went smoothly and we manage to reach KLIA a bit earlier at 4.45pm. I thought I was the earliest one who arrive the airport, but then I saw Xue Yin, Shalini, Pam and Jarry reaching KLIA before me.

After waited for 1/2hour to 1 hour, the representative from JPA finally arrived (yeah, arrived). Then I lazy to talk the whole precess la. From Beg Check-in > JPA last briefing in Malaysia > getting back our passport & visa > Hang luggage checked > enter the boarding room > board the airplane. Believe me, the rest was the best part.

The best part is coming for all the JPA student who boarding the MAS night plane. they will provide all the passengers the night supper and breakfast. The foods was awesome, a fillet fish with cheese and baked potatoes for my supper and muffins with any drinks (hot or cold, juice or plain water). I eat so much for the whole journey. However, my friends and I rarely have the chance to sleep (don't ask me why because even myself also don't know why I can't sleep, maybe the seat is uncomfortable, or maybe the excitement makes us unable to sleep).

After enduring the 7 hour and 45 min, we finally reach Sydney and can step on Australian earth. The temperature was around 20-23'C, but it was so dry till the lips can crack easily. I have to rush to buy the lip bum from the sore the next morning. After reaching Sydney, we need to take domestic flight to Canberra at 1.35pm Australia time. It was so hectic day for us because of lack of sleep. The whole body was so tired and unable to carry our heavy luggage. To add the problem, most of the JPA students was being fine for heavy luggage. Qantas only allow 23kg for the luggage, so I was fined for AUD40. However, luckily representative of JPA provide us with foods and water.

After having our lunch with all the friends, we have a small briefing with Mr Imran before boarding our next transit plane. By the time Mr Imran finish his speech, we have to rush to the boarding plane area because they are going to fly soon. Luckily we were able to catch the flight. The plane use by Qantas was so small, I think can only fit 20 people in the plane. And the horrible part is it was so scary because the whole 55minutes journey was bumpy (worst than airasia).

We finally reach Canberra around 2.30pm. The MASCA representative wited for us at the airport and a bus was booked to send us to our respective hostel. I stayed at Unilodge Warrumbul, which is just opposite Business and Economy building (very near to my classroom). It is also near to the town center, the Canberra Center and Union Court. The people here are very friendly and helpful too. They will us to direct the way to our destination when we were lost. On the first day, we already meet a few people who live in-campus like Aiko and Olivia.

That was a brief story about the journey until I reach Canberra. In the evening, me, Yuga, Pam, Yen Wei and Tali went to Canberra Center for a walk. All the shops closed at 5pm, which is very early as compare to Malaysia. Shopping center and small shops are all closed. There were only a few restaurants and shops left open such as Subway. Even KFC here in Canberra Center was closed. So basically, I can say that it was hard to find food for dinner. The weather was so cold that night and I was shivering cold because I wore a short pants =.=lll

For the next day, I woke up so early because the sun shines towards me at 6am. Yeah, 6am. I have to prepare myself before going to Melvin Hall for enrollment. I also have to open a new account in the bank and get a new phone. Guess what phone I got??? iPhone!!! XD We also have to go to Canberra Center to grab a few important stuff such as pillow, kettle, frying pans and detergent.

So, basically that's what happen these few days. I will update the blog with some interesting story next time. Ok then. Bye ^^

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  1. Wah~ Autralia now is Summer season, u also cold till shivering at night... U have to prepare to face Extreme cold weather in winter season this coming mid-year.... Buy more coat lah...