Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ya....I'm having flu today. Sneezing for the whole day, and today Canberra rains. My Gosh! I have to rush to ANU Pharmacy to get flu medicine as soon as possible. I'm sure everybody hates flu, its like u keep on sneezing whenever you go.

Guees what, the medicine in Australia is freaking expensive. Maybe we should start appreciate our government in Malaysia for subsidizing the drugs for us, so that everyone can get the drugs with cheap price. So folks, stop complaining to Malaysian government.

My Gosh, I can't continue typing already. I should head to my bed and have a rest for today. I don't think so I can attend for most of the activity for today. (Market day is boring because I thought they will sell they old stuff and secondhand stuff or something). Just want to let you all know that I was suppose to go for few activity like Business and Economics Greeting and Thriving in the Information System session at Manning Clark Center. Maybe I'll skip the apartment party too. We'll see....


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