Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Life that we should always treasure....

Today, I seriously don't know what to write the introductory for today post. It was a sombre, dark day in Taman Debunga in Malacca, as well as here, in Canberra. The news just struck to my face, just like that, a smack, real hard smack on my face. My eyes starts to drop tear when I heard that my grandfather just passed away. I tried to breathed hard and cool myself when I heard the news because I was celebrating my friend's birthday in Canberra Center. I was hard, so hard to control my emotions, my feelings, everything about myself. Currently, I feel like I need to go back, go back to Malaysia, go back to my hometown Malacca to visit my grandfather for the last time. But, my mom already advise me to stay calm and keep on concentrating on my study, because that was my grandfather last wish before I fly to Australia.

My grandfather, Chiam Ah Kiau, was a famous photographer in Malacca. Most of the people in Serkam and Merlimau's area in Malacca knows him very well. The school frequently ask him to snap the class photo for the students in most of the school in Malacca. Whenever I want to remember him, he'll be wearing a white singlet with short blue pant in my mind. He often sleep on the long chair in the afternoon after reading the newspaper. His interest was more on stock market, where he'll take the financial newspaper and start plotting the graph of the selected companies. When he want to buy something, he'll use his motorcycle to travel around Merlimau and Malacca.

Life was so full of unexpected things to happen. God can just take away one's life and never give it back. Sometimes, he'll just hanging your life on the halfway and send you to coma state. You'll not going to heaven nor hell, just hanging around on earth searching for something that you've lost. However, we all have to face it. My relationship with my grandfather was quite close, because he taught me a lot of things. He teach me what is inside the share market and recently he teaches me how to take the photo. When I glance through the Chinese New Year, I can't bear the feeling anymore. This is for you, Grandfather.....I will always remember you.

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