Monday, April 4, 2011

The day where I......

Today, 4 April 2011 was the day where I first GG in my exam in ANU. Screwed??? Yeah, that what it means. I've study so hard and prepared so well, but then because of the anxiety of the exam and the 'gelabah-ness', all the formulae for finance all gone for the 1 1/2h exam. Worst thing is my mind start functioning after I come out from the hall, where everything is inside my head (info of the questions, how to solve it, what's the answer)

Grumble* maybe today is not my day...... It means I have to really start working for the finals already. Lesser time allocated for facebook, lesser time for internet, more time for revision, complete the assignment ASAP and no games (include facebook games, Starcraft 2 and Dota).

That's all for today people. I can't wait for the holiday next week, because I'm going to travel to Sydney. Wait for my next post soon, because it's going to exploded with a lot of photo in Sydney. XD


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