Monday, April 25, 2011

Sydney, My third home......

4 days trip to Sydney seems to be so short for me and my friends. We just can't cover all the route in Sydney with just 4 days. However, we manage to go few hot-spots around Sydney. It all started like this......

19th April- We have to woke early in the morning around 5.30 to prepare to board our bus in Jolimont. Out bus start to leave Canberra to Sydney about 7am. It was very cold that day, and we can even breath out mist while we were walking towards the station, which was about 5-10min walk. We were early that morning (Me, Yuga, Renu, Pam, Yen Wei and Albert) and we manage to board the bus around 6.45am. It seems like we were not the only one who board the early bus. We have to sit separately since most of the sits are occupied with people who came early (first come first serve). It takes about 3hour and 10 minutes to reach Sydney, and most of us slept in the bus due to morning sickness (none of us ever woke up that early since reaching
Australia). Basically, there are less cars in the Highways connecting Canberra and Sydney. The scenery was.....erm, I can't really explain it because there are nothing excepts tree (not like
Malaysia's tree, which is really packed, but it was more like dessert trees).

Once the bus reached Sydney, we can see a lot of old buildings around us. They even have their own 'smart tunnel' which is really long and we can't use 3G while the bus was moving down the tunnel. Besides the road, there are a lot of people doing their morning activities (jogging, golf etc). We drop at the Central Station, which is in the middle of the city. Compare to Canberra, the temperature was warmer in Sydney and there are more people and cars around the street. Meanwhile waiting for Eunice to fetch us at the station, we go around the station to look around
for shops. There are a lot of 24hour 7-11 shops convenient store compare to Canberra which is nothing (I miss 7-11 so much). Later, we went to Marigold restaurant which serve nice
dimsim/dimsum, to have our breakfast. It was nice to meet Eunice back, my ex-classmates in Taylor's and we chat for 1 1/2hour in the restaurant. We talk a lot about our life in Canberra while she shared her story the time she arrived in Sydney.

After the breakie, wedrag our bag to Railway Square to board the bus back to Eunice place, which is near University Sydney, about 10minutes bus ride from city. After resting for 1hour and bathe, then we board the bus to city back to city without Eunice (she's having class) and
have our hair cut at the Railway Square. The saloon there charge quite cheap for hair cut, which is around $10 for guys and $15 for girls. It just took us 10min for me and Yuga to have our hair cut, and we then we went to Market City for shopping. The shops in Market City have quite a few stores which is the same with Canberra such as Cotton On, Jay Jay etc. But, some below the shopping malls have these 'night market kind of shops' selling all those cheap stuff. They even
sell those nice looking Iphone cover for $10 for one and $15 for two. Albert was so desperate to get one shades there, so he scout for Ray Bans Shades which cost him $170.

We shops until 5pm, then all of us went back to Eunice place to rest again before going out for dinner with Eunice and Xandra. After Xandra come and meet us, we prepared to go out again for dinner. All of us board the same bus to city and walk towards Chatthai, the first dinner we had in Sydney. Many people was queuing up for seats there before we even arrived. I can see that the restaurant was quite famous because from what I heard, many famous artist came to this restaurant before to have their dinner. It took us about half an hour to get a seat for 8 of us. To
cut it short, they serve an awesome Thai foods, we had TomYam, Green Curry Chicken, Grilled Prawn etc. After the dinner, the we walk to Sussex Street to have our supper. Chocolate Room, while is quite isolated from the main road, was quite famous for their chocolate dessert. I ordered a plate of Waffle ice-cream with hot chocolate fudge which cost me about $8.50 only.
Worth to try.
Then, me and Albert have to wait for Nisha to fetch us at the Railway Station so that she can lead us to her place and have some rest. So, that's all what happens for the first day in Sydney.

20th June - Second day in Sydney. We have to wake up really early and we already promise to meet Yuga and Renu at EastGarden shopping mall about 11am. Before that, we (Yan Ni, Albert and me) have to walk for 20min to Elaine's place. We have to wait for Farahanim also, because she's going to lead us to some stalls to have out breakfast. Since we running late, then we have to settle with brunch instead in Ayam Goreng 99, a shops famous for fried chicken. We met Yuga and Renu around 1pm at the shops and then we board the bus to East Garden. East garden was one of the most famous, biggest shopping mall in Kesington, and the mall is almost like Westfield
Belconnen that we had in Canberra. Nothing much to tell about here because basically we shops the whole mall until 5pm. And then board the bus to University of New South Wales to have a walk. We walk around the campus and enjoy the scenery of the campus. We walk around the campus until 7pm before we left Nisha, where we met halfway in the campus, and go to the city to meet Eunice and Xandra so that she'll lead us to the Korean restaurant called Min Sok Chon. They serve really nice and spicy korean dishes.
After dinner, we walk to the nearest park to chillax. If I'm not mistaken, the place is near the Circular Quay, where the park situated near the ANZAC memorial. We did a lot of stuff (not going to write it here) and what happens there will stays there ^^.

21th June - 3rd day in Sydney. It was an adventures day for me and Albert, because we almost lost in the city because we board the wrong bus. Whatever~~~ We have to walk back to the nearest station and board the bus to the Railway Square to meet Eunice, Yuga and Renu. Pam and yen Wei already left to Fishmarket, so actually it was our fault that we late T_T After meeting with them, we walk to Fishmarket together. It was almost 20-30minutes walk from the Railway Square, and with the help of Iphone's google map, we manage to find our way to Fish Market. It situated near the harbour, where it has a really nice view. Yeah, I can smell the fish from far away, and from what I looked, all of the fish there was really fresh. And they even sell all types of fishes. Since I havn't ate my breakfast, I just going to have my seafood brunch there. Eunice recommended a few type of seafood dishes and it taste awesome. I miss seafood so much~~~~~

Then, we walk to nearest bus stop to board a bus to Sydney Harbor. Before that, we have to stop at George Street, where all the branded shops are. It was full of people that day, maybe it was because of Thursday, last day of the week since Friday is Good Friday, so all people was shopping that day. The George Street was so busy, full of people walking around with shopping bags. We have to wait at the station of free shuttle bus to Sydney Harbor. The Sydney Opera was quite near to the city though, because we were walking on the way back to the city for dinner. We took 2 hour to walk and take pictures around Sydney Opera House. It was an awesome place to take picture because wherever you stand, the photo will look nice, unless if the photo snapped was not beautiful, it might be your face problem......lame joke. From the Sydney Harbor, we walk back to the city and meet Eunice at the Market city for dinner. It was a simple dinner, because we have to rush back to bathe and change a nice shirt for the Goodboy Party. It was a party organized by the Malaysian society, and the place was quite crowded with Malaysian. I'm not going to elaborate what happening next, because the party was really boring (yeah, quite boring and I have no mood to join) Guess what??? we came back at the next morning at 6am.

22th June - It was our last day in Sydney. We came back from the party at 6am. Yeah, 6am, your eyes are not blurred. All of us are hungry like hell, so we have to stop by the McDonald to have some food. After that, we board the most earliest bus to go back to Eunice place. For me and Albert, we have to board another bus trip to Yan Ni's place because we need a rest before we come out for the next activity, the Bondi Beach. We reached at Yan Ni's place at about 7.30am, slept for 1 hour, and come out again to meet Elaine so that we (Nisha, Yan Ni, Albert, Elaine and me) can board the bus to Bondi Beach. According to Nisha, the place was quite near compare to Eunice. However, we were the last group who reach the place, because there are no bus that can take us to the place. Instead, we have to call a cab to bring 5 of us to the beach. Aish, at least we reached the Bondi beach........

Once we reached, we meet with them and have some quick lunch (sandwiches, nuggets and hotdogs) before going down the water and play. We play until 3pm and leave the place because we are going back and rest before coming out again for dinner. This time, I followed Eunice to her place and rest. For dinner, we went to Chinatown, where there are a lot of asian restaurants around to choose from. We settle up with Taiwanese restaurant, because the Mamak, opened by the Malaysian's were full of people and there are quite a long queue. We were having fun chit chatting while having our dinner. When the clock hits 9pm, we came out from the restaurant and walk to the Darling Harbor, 2nd Harbor of Sydney. The lake was quite huge, and the scenery at night was much more nicer compare to in the afternoon. We have a walk before we went back to rest.

23th June - It was the day where we have to leave Sydney. I miss Sydney so much because the city is almost like Kuala Lumpur back in Malaysia. I nearly miss the bus because we woke up late (my alarm didn't rang). Instead of taking bus, we take a cab to the Central Station. Thanks to the taxi driver, we manage to catch the bus on time. Fuhhh.......That's all about my trip to Sydney. Hopefully I have time to travel to Sydney and fully explore the place. I shall eat non-stop next time when I travel to Sydney.

Cheers to Sydney, A wonderful place........My third home

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