Sunday, April 10, 2011


WOW. My holiday start with a BIG BANG yesterday. We went for Max Brenner yesterday, 9th of April. It was the, so far, the best chocolate store that I've went so far. Basically, in Canberra, there are 2 famous chocolate store which is Koko Black and Max Brenner. Both have their won specialty, where I had my iced-chocolate drinks in Koko Black and I had my chocolate dessert in Max Brenner. What I feel impressive was Max Brenner actually serve Chocolate pizza.

I can't believe that there is chocolate pizza. What you can see here was they put chocolate and banana as the pizza topping, and some crunchy chocolate chips to add the texture of the pizza. Sounds cool??? It's actually tasted like heaven. I was literally sent to heaven few times while enjoying this delicious meal. I was worth the price, seriously. Here are some other chocolate dessert that me and friends enjoyed yesterday.

That's all for today. Can't wait for the next week trip to Sydney. I'm gonna eat non-stop there. XD

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