Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Saturday (19th March 2011) ......There are no people on the road on Canberra, the city was empty at 8.00pm. All shops are open, but there are not a single customer in the shops. The city was totally empty, no people crossing the road, no car wondering around and there are no buses either waiting for people at the bus stop. Civic's club was empty as well. You know why?? It's because everybody went for the SKYFIRE!!!!

Skyfire was the largest event/most happening event in Canberra. During that day, all of the residents of Canberra will bring their family to watch the most prestigious event of the year. They will bring all the stuff (food, basket, radio and everything for picnic). This year, they held the SkyFire event at Lake Burley Griffin. Even though the place was big (thrice the size of Tasik Titiwangsa in KL), the place is pack with people as early as 4pm (So, now you know how grand is the event right?) Some businessmen try to seize this opportunity to sell various types of foods with a slightly higher price. Here, I posted the link so that you all can view the photo (I can't upload it here because the blog will be packed with 400+ of photos!!!!)

SkyFire (Part 1)

SkyFire (Part 2)

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