Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Life So Far ~~~

When some of friends ask me about things like 'how's ur life, how the class, how's the place, how's the blah blah blah.......' I always answer them with the answer 'cool', because that's how the Australian reply (Really). I just want to let you all know that 'cool' here means great, fantastic, awesome and some other 'great' words used to describe the life you had.

So far so good, that is how my life is. Today is the 5th weeks I'm in Australia, 4th week in ANU =.=
2 assignments still in pending mode, where the nearest deadline is 9th of April 2011 (Yeah, I have to state it was 2011, if not some 'dumb' people will interpreted it other ways). Reasons for not doing the assignments: no mood and lazy to do research. Yeah, LAZY LAZy LAzy Lazy lazy~~~ that's the excuse I've always use to avoid all these academic/education stuff. Still, every single day, I force myself go to study room and flip the page(s) so that I'll study (or at least make some notes). Thanks to Pam, I study in the study room for 4 days straight (I think laa XD)

I started to like the weather in Canberra. the average temperature here is around 15-19'C, and sometimes morning weather can reach up to 9'C (this is what I experience during summer and autumn), imagine winter hits Canberra in June, I'll be shivering like H*** while I walk to lecture hall. Owh, thats reminds me that I have not buy my winter jacket yet =.=lll

The foods here are awesome. One thing I like about Canberra is all places that we want to travel is so near. For example, all restaurants that are really nice were a stone throws away (don't know what it means, go check your dictionaries). Last week, I had a bowl of Laksa (more like a curry noodle for me) and it taste like awesome. After that, we went to Koko black for Iced Chocolate, which only cost us $7.75 for a glass (the combination of Chocolate ice-cream with Vanilla ice-cream, floated on the mocha drink, served with a thick chocolate sauce and small chocolate pieces). The biggest shopping mall here is Canberra Center, or also known as CIVIC. I bought all the groceries and necessity stuffs there. Want to watch movies?? Just go to CIVIC and you can watch all the latest movie with a fees around 14-15$ (which obviously I won't pay for that price!!!)

I think I have to resume my life as a nerd, not a geek (always play games). I really have to start studying before I can't catch up all the lessons. So, thats all for today. Stay tuned.

Pray for the victims in Japan.

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