Friday, January 28, 2011

Pre-CNY story...

It's been a while before my last post. Today I'm going to summarise what's happening between last post and today.

Bernard Yong came to town to meet us (Kok Kuan Hsi, Xandra, Elynn Chai and me) Actually it will be more fun if most of our friends from Taylor's can join us. Nevertheless, we still have fun together for the whole day. I went to Kuala Lumpur at 11.30am to catch the train, in case I'll be late to meet them because I went to Low yat to settle some stuff before meeting them in Sungai Wang. Bernard and Kok reach Sungai Wang first, then followed by me, Xandra join us later and then Elynn Chai met us at Times Square's Starbuck. We went to many places (Sungai Wang, Times Square, Lot 10, Farenheit 88 and Pavillion). To kill our time, we watch Meet the Parents: Little Fockers. It was freaking funny and hilarious, full of dirty jokes. We even had our lunch in Sungai Wang and dinner in Lot 10. We even window shopped till late night 10pm.

The next day, I help my mom to make Chinese New Year cookies. Pineapple tart, chocolate cookies, peanut cookies etc. I even took some pic, in case when I'm in Australia, I'll just look at the picture during next Chinese New Year if I didn't come back for next Chinese New Year.

Last thing happening during these weeks is pre-departure briefing for all JPA students. I'm so glad and happy to see all my Taylorian friends there before we depart to different university. All information that we needed before we depart was fully explained by various speakers, Mas Cargo, JPA representative, Australian Malaysian Student representative and Banker. Actually, i'm more interested in Banker, because they will provide us all the money and traveller cheque before we depart to Australia. (money minded)

So, that's all for today. Hopefully I can update the blog as frequent as possible. ^^

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