Saturday, January 29, 2011

A day full of memories

I have exactly 9 days to stay in Malaysia before I board the MH123 to reach Australia, complete my first dream. Standing on the balcony and view right through the road of Taman Desa Tasik, suddenly joy and sad memories in that town flashes right in front of me. I live in this humble small town in Sungai Besi called Taman Desa Tasik for 15 years. This is the only place where all the memories formed.

During my childhood, I played guli, gasing, batu seremban, football, rondus or also called as M'sian baseball, lastic, futsal and many things with my Malay friends. In SJK (C) Kwon Hon primary school, I played basketball, yu-gi-oh cards, tamiya, breeding spiders for fight, eraser battle, beyblades etc with my classmates. Mostly, my classmates are chinese. So, it was lotsa fun in childhood.However, not all memories are sweet though. Because of my playfulness, I often got a really bad results and always being scold by my parents. My dad, a really strict policeman always beat me using cane or punch me. All I can do is endure it till I get a better result.

When I enter secondary school in SMK Sungai Besi, my chinese friends have become less. I was being sent to the 3rd class because of my poor UPSR result. Thus, I hardly see my chinese friends such as Tan Jin Fu, Patricia, Sky, Ng Kar Hon, Lee Chun Yong and Cheng Kah Hoe as there are all not my classmates. Since I seldom meet them, all I can do is study during my freetime. Then, because of my hardwork, I get a really good PMR result.

A really funny story starts here when I was Form 4. I got an offer from Technical Institut of Kuala Lumpur, or also know as Sekolah Menengah Teknik Cheras. At first I don't want to enter the school because of several reasons (I don't friends there and I need to travel everyday to school if I choose not to live in the dorm). I told my friends that I will reject the offer of going there. However, news travel very fast to my beloved BM and English teachers. Both of them force me to accept the offer since I was being offered to that really prestigious secondary school. They also treatened me not to teach me if I stay at that school. My mind went blank. The Penolong Kanan HEM, my Maths teacher also heard about my case. She quickly 'summon' me to meet her in her office. She offer me by helping me to settle all the important documents needed for registration in one day, if I want to transfer to SMT Kuala Lumpur. After a careful consideration, I accepted the offer and the rest is history.

Nothing extraordinary happens in SMT Kuala Lumpur. All the students there are really smart and at their top form. I have to study really hard to compete with them for the top spot in the school. One thing I dislike is I didn't study for P. Moral during my Form 4 because the teacher does not know anything about P. Moral. The teacher for P.Moral keep on changing until I reach Form 5. I didn't really memorise the 36 nilai until 2-3 months before my SPM. I requested the Form 4 P.Moral teacher to have an intensive class for P.Moral. Guess what? I got an A for my P.Moral in SPM.

If I have a chance to change anything about what happen in the past, I'll choose not to change anything including all the painful memories because these event actually shaped me who I am today. Without these past events happening to me, I dont know where am I today. Maybe I'm not one of the 2009 JPA who study in Taylor's in Subang Jaya, maybe I'll will not meet my new friends in Taylor's College.

All I wish now is to become a better person, and strive for my second dream, open a game studio. That's all for today. Adios peeps~~~


  1. awww such a nice recap of your past =)
    i didn't know ur dad is a policemen though, must be very strict

  2. Tears flow.... Now I understand why u don't like I talk about primary school memories..... U left 9 days in Malaysia only, another primary school friend have go to oversea.... (T...T)
    Hey, can I link ur blog??

  3. Chun De, i admire ur tenacity n perseverance. You are a great guy. No doubt you will be a success one day. Jia you dude!

  4. Yu Qian>> Link laa, I dont mind
    Wen Sen>> Jia you Jia you
    Pam>> Hahahaha, shocked??