Friday, September 14, 2012

Holiday Break = Assignment Week

Hey there, finally I got sometime for myself to blog here. It was hectic for the past few days when my break started. All I can say here is that, so far these few days holidays break had been well spent. I've been playing a few sports with friends (I haven't been touching sports for a few months), been to Japanese free short course for 4 days (OMG, really like the class so much. Wish the course was longer) and been doing my assignments (Finished 1 out of 3, now waiting for my group mate to decide when to discuss the assignments next week).

A lot had happen to me, I can say that I changed a lot since I came to Australia/ANU. Experience that I gained here really were invaluable, meeting people from different background as well as countries really teach you how to communicate and networking effectively so that you won't be offend people easily. However, I still have a lot of things that I want to do here before I go back. I always tell myself  'So many things to accomplish, but the time is so short'. I guess I need to prioritize a few things that I really want to do and make decision on that. For everything I decided, at the end I have to forgave something as a trade off.

Anyway, I have to stop here. I wish I have more time to blog here, really miss the time where I have some inspirations and I will write it here. Wish all my friends have a good day, and have fun during your break :)


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