Friday, May 18, 2012

GameAxis Malaysia

GameAxis Malaysia

In conjunction with HWM Malaysia's 10th year celebrations, and our impending count-up towards 3,000 Facebook fans - we would like to kick off the beginning of a string of events over the years. Starting the celebrations this year is "The Great HWM/GAX Facebook Fan Drive", where we will be giving away loads of awesome goodies to the fans who help us grow our pages beyond and more.

(See the goodies in the pic. That's what we're giving away for the first leg of the drive. There might be more...)

These goodies are just the beginning of where we're going with this: the goal is that once we reach 3,000 fans on GameAxis Malaysia's Facebook and 5,000 fans on HWM Malaysia's Facebook, we will be holding ANOTHER fantastic giveaway to reward everyone of you. There are loads of awesome prizes planned for that giveaway, but until we close-in or achieve that target, we won't be able to reveal what it is.

(So that's TWO giveaways. One for now before we reach 3,000 and 5,000, and another for AFTER!)

To kick start the pre-giveaway, we've set up a widget on HWM Malaysia's Contest page here: which you can access to better help you in assisting us to achieve that target. With this easy-to-use widget, you can also get your friends and family to join us for this drive, while we can track your progress (and theirs!) along the way.

Essentially, we hope to reward our dearest fans and readers who have been with us through thick and thin, as we grow along the way to greater, bigger and better things. By tracking your progress, we know who the biggest fans who help us grow our pages, all of whom will be duly rewarded with the best prizes from this pile. :)

So, spread the news, share it with your friends, help us grow our Facebook and you might just walk away with some awesome loot from the pile above!

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