Friday, April 13, 2012

Through the PAIN of 7 weeks

YooHooHoo~~~ Finally I finished watching my 145 episodes of anime "Eyeshield 21" during the first week break. Now I got some time to spam my blog with stuffs that happened for the past 7 weeks.

First week of my second year in ANU started with a BIGBANG.... All of my friends, mainly called "M46 group" start the week with alcohol. All of them drink like there is no tomorrow because they know after the first week, they have to start doing their assignments and tutorials works. So basically every single day, they will go M46 of Warrumbul Unilodge and drink all range of alcohol (Bacardi, Absolute Vodka etc). They are truly ALCOHOLIC TO THE MAX!!!!!

Second week is the week where all of us become crazily busy. I was busy with classes (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday pack with classes from 10am to 5pm) and as a Sports Officer of Malaysian Students Organisation (MSO). Basically I don't have time to revise any lectures and do my tutorial homework. By the time I have some time spare for myself, I'll use it to sleep because I was too tired and exhausted with EVERYTHING~~~

Third week and forth week: Normal day week. Nothing much happen during these two week. I was successfully being selected being ANU AIESEC member (don't know whether I should be proud of it or not).

Fifth week is the assignments week. With LBE 700 words essay need to be completed in 3 days, I have to do some research on the news report regarding any corporation law. What happen was I did some mistake by scrambling up the idea of commercial law and corporation law. Messing up with these 2 things is the worst thing I have done to myself. In the end of the day, after consulting with my tutor Gladys (luckily she helped me), I have to rewrite my 3-days report in 3hours. IT WAS BLOODY AMAZING!!!!!! Well, I hope I can get a good result :)

Sixth week is the revision week. Since exam period is at the corner, I have to start fully revise every subject so that I can fully prepare for the exam. A lot of distraction during this week, especially with my PMS period where I was freaking moody for the whole week. Can't do anything though :( but I have to pull myself up and STUDY STUDY AND STUDY!!!!

Seventh week is the craziest week. I HATE EXAM SO MUCH!!!! I have exam on Monday (Korean Oral test), Tuesday (FINM2001) and Wednesday (Korean Written test) After the tiring day, BANZAI!!!!! I'M FINALLY FREE AND HAVING HOLIDAY FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS!!!

What's coming up after holiday: exam for Company Accounting and 2000 words report for Corporation Law...... T_T .....I havn't even start one of them yet~~~~~ DIE!!!!!!!

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