Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Summer Oh Summer~~~

It's been a while after my last post (5th December 2011) where I talking about me finishing my first year in ANU and preparing enjoying my summer holiday. WHOA, you can't believe what happened after that day. A lot of stuff had happened since that day, hangout with friends till 4-5am in the morning, going out for some AWESOME DINNER with food-buddy around Canberra, celebrate New Year Eve in Sydney for the first time, working with famous retailer Cotton On during Christmas period, cooking and baking in Unilodge (look through my mobile photos in Facebook), shopping like mad people for the first time during Boxing Day (spent $200++ on clothes and stuffs), DOTA like mad every single day (gonna stop soon when uni starts), pool and ping pong almost every single day (Ernest Tan, Victor Hoo, Chern Goh and DiDi, let's have rematch in ping pong once you come back), sleeping till 11-12noon every single day, hotpot (aka steamboat) with summer friends...... and the list goes on and on.

Too much stuff to talk about in here (actually I forgotten some of it) in such a short time. The only thing that I wanna tell you all is I have an AWESOME TIME with friends during summer. It's gonna be Chinese New Year soon, so basically I'll be 'a bit' busy these few days (baking cookies, cleaning up the room etc). Can't wait for the next potluck organized on the 22nd of January (团圆饭) with friends. Hopefully many people will attend that joyful event, where we going to eat AWESOME FOOD and talk crap in the same time. Cheers!!!

Miss you all people...

PS: This year Chinese New Year will be a different feeling without you all, my parents as well as my elder brother and elder sister. Miss my lovely aunt and uncle from Singapore, cousin Benjamin Koh and Amanda Koh. Don't forget that my grandfather as well, who resting up there peacefully looking at us and protecting us from up there. My AWESOME godfather who always support me in everything what I've done. Miss you all.


  1. Hey Hunter! I bet they miss you like crazy in Malaysia! And we all miss you too!!

  2. Jocinda, of course I miss you too. Can't wait for the coming winter so that I can travel to Brisbane and Queensland to meet you guys.