Monday, December 5, 2011

When I Look Back...

I'm officially finished my first year as a Bachelor of Commerce student. Majoring in two subject is really tough, especially accounting and finance course is really challenging and boring in the same time. I just got my result today for my second semester, just an average result which I can't really complain about it. The only thing I hope is that I should do better next time, right from the beginning of the semester. That's the way I am, always playful and chillax at the beginning of the semester and don't really care about my tutorials and mid-term exam. In the end, I didn't get the result that I desired. Always play hard (at the begging of the semester) and study hard (when it reach final exam).

When I looked back at what I've done and what I've achieve so far, well I can't complain much. I've done about 60% of what I aim to do when I reach Australia, well I didn't expect the competition here is fierce and madness compare back in Malaysia. It also means that even though I'm just an average student here in ANU, I deserve to be here. Competition is one of the obstacles that I have to face in my daily life, it also teaches me to stay strong and be competitive in whatever I do. Bad lecturer and good lecturer, bad tutor and good tutor, easy paper and hard/shit paper all I've faced in ANU in the first year. For those people who said ANU is not a good place for commerce students to study and they said Melbourne or Sydney or UNSW is way better than here, this is what I reply 'No matter where you study and what you've study, the most important things is that whether you can apply those things in reality life when u working or doing the stuffs you like'. So basically, I want to say that studying in ANU teaches me a lot of things in life as well as brought out the other side of me (good or bad, depends on your interpretation).

The only things that I regret is I hope I can reverse what I've done to some of the situations throughout this year. I've tried to covered my weakness for the past few years but my past has come out once again, doing stuff without thinking rationally. My mom always scold me for that, guess karma punish me again this time. Well, I can't do anything now since no one create time-machine yet allowing me to change what I've had done. I just hope time will makes our memories vanishes, like a wind blowing dust away to the sky.

Anyway, that's all for today. I'm gonna concentrate enjoying my stuff for the holiday (leisuring, playing games, watching movie, hangout with friends etc) See you all next time.


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