Saturday, July 23, 2011

Holiday finally ended T_T

Finally winter break is over!!!! 4 weeks in Melbourne and 1 week in Sydney truly makes my holiday memorable. Thanks to all my friends (Yuga, Renu, Elaine, Yan Ni, Shalini, Ashu, Jen, Jeanne, Beatrice, Li Ting, Danny, Wallace, Albert, Chloe, Eunice, Adri, Razin, Shafiq, Yen Wei, Fido, Charlene, Fido, Dushen, Umair, Pam, Yasmin and others) for being with me during the holiday. Shopping, eating, playing, visiting various places, humoring throughout the trips…… I miss those times. Don’t forget to thank Uncle Kuhan for his hospitality in Melbourne, thank you so much for taking care of us when we in Melbourne.

Makan sudah cukup, makan angin dan main pun sudah cukup, ada apa-apa lagi kena tunggu cuti yang akan datang. I can’t wait for the next holiday to come.

Here is some of the links to view the pictures that I’ve took throughout the trip.
Part I
Part II
Part III

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