Friday, July 8, 2011

The day You-Know-What

Yes, it is exactly like what the title means. Today is the 9th of July, the day where there will be havoc happens around Malaysia and some of the part of other countries. Many people going to join the rally in the city, many of them claim it was a peace rally, hoping for a reform in the election and everything. Businesses around Kuala Lumpur will be disrupted for the whole day due to the rally, tourist will be hiding in the hotel room, Malaysian reporters will be running here and there searching for some extra hot news.

For those not joining the rally, my advice is not to wear any yellow T-shirt and stay at home. If anyone asking you to join them, please ignore them. If they force you, just call the police and arrest them. For those who going for the rally, I'll pray for you and hope you achieve what you want and don't cause any havoc in Malaysia anymore. I don't want to see anyone get injured in the rally.

All I hope now is there will be a better day tomorrow. There will be a change happen in the constitution. There will be a change in the government. I hope there will be a change in everything so that Malaysia can be like the one 50 years ago, where all people united under one country, no racism, no corruption and no nonsense politic. I don't mind who govern the country, as long as they bring back the country once we loved long time ago, making Malaysia prosperous once more.

So long Malaysia..... May the force be with you

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