Monday, May 23, 2011

Live Below the Line.......Mission Accomplished

Well, its officially end. The live below the line had finally finished. It was one of the program that I joined to raised the awareness about the poverty and raised the money for the poor. It started on 16th May to 20th May. What all the members around the world (including me) was live the day with just $2 per day. What it means that we can only spend $2 on food per day, yeah, $2 per day. It simply means the total amount of money for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time, all total up to $2. Well, I managed to live with $2 per day (obviously, if not I won't post this on my blog, failure of doing it means it will drop my image). See my wall post on face below.

Day 1:
Living with $2 per day is suffering, but I want to challenge myself that 'I CAN DO IT'!!!! support me by donate $2 in this website. All donations above $2 are tax deductable :)

Still feel hungry after eating 2 packs of indon mee!!!!!

Porridge for tonight....haiz 'stomach grumble~~~'

Andrew Kjy Thanks for sponsoring $10 for my page!!!!!

Day 2:
2 packets of Indon mee for today.......Fungry like hell, the only solution is to sleep to forget about the feeling of hungry....

Victor Hoo said its dangerous to eat Indon Mee...... so, I have to eat Superbarn's bread for dinner

Day 3:
Thanks to Joe Yi who donated in support of my effort to raised the fund for the poor people. Arigatogozaimasu!!!!!!!!

3rd day is not the best day I had......Craving for more food!!!!!!! $2 per day is simply not enough for me, not to mention the people who lived in poverty......

Thanks to Caitlin Delbridge who donated in support of my effort to raised the fund for the poor people......looked like more and more people donate for me!!!!! Makes me feel even more confident that I can do it, live for $2 per day till Friday!!!! If the total of $200 being raised before Friday, I'm going to continue live for $2 per day for another week!!!

Day 4:
Well, it was day 4!!!! One more day to go.......

Well, I'm going to have Meegetti for tonight (Indon Mee + Leftover spaghetti)

Day 5:
Well, today is the last day for people to sponsor me.......enjoying my plain mee with some vege ^^

Living $2 a day is torturing, I dont how the poor people can survive in this situation......I have to cook in bulk to save the money, and I have to drink water instead of Milo in the morning, how pathetic XD

I just realize I finished my chocolate hazelnut I have to eat plain bread, sigh*

$1,153,717 raised so far till today......and I hope more will donate in the future. Help me by donating in my page in support of my effort to live with just $2 a day here at

Well, that were all the post that I updated on the 5 days of torturing, hungry and amazing journey. Till today, there are people still donate to the poor, and I hope you all will do the same thing as well. Good job everyone!!!!

PS: The Live Below the line managed to raised $1,230,856.

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