Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caution: Please Do Not Disturb Me

OMG, yesterday was really a bad day for me. Moody, emotional and all bad mixed feeling comes in the same time. It was like having a male PMS (no, I'm not joking, and I'm not a female) throughout the day. Even listening to my favourite songs doesn't help to calm down my feeling. Sorry to the people who feel offended by me yesterday (if there is any). So, how do I start out my bad day yesterday???

Morning: I woke up pretty early in the morning around 8am because I have class at 9am for FINM1001. I doesn't feel well that morning, feel like banging my head on the wall (not because of headache). I have to go for lecture for that day since it was the last lecture for this semester. So, I took my time to brush my teeth, bath and get ready to go out without thinking so much about my current condition.

Afternoon: Finally, finished my 3 hour lecture before continuing my next lecture BUSN1001 at 4pm. I still feel moody even though the sun was so bright, telling me that today is a good day and I need to enjoying the day before it ends. I felt so down when I walk out of lecture hall, as if my heart was being pierced by some sharp object countless of times. Haiz..... I have to do something to turn my mood around ASAP. So, I quickly went back to my room in Unilodge and do the stuff that I like to do, facebooking. Well, it doesn't help much though as my mood getting worse as the time ticking. So, I've decided not to cook for my lunch. Instead, I walked to Canberra Center to look for McD and have my lunch there. Later, I went and shop for groceries in Aldi and Superbarn. I thought the idea of walking will at least calm my feeling. It turns out no effect on me.

Evening: I have to sit in the lecture hall for 2hour, staring at my BUSN1001 lecturer who keep on talking about the assignment. When I go online and check for my assignments marks, ****, I barely pass the paper??? It further worsen my mood that day. Never in my entire life I felt so down before. Feel like shouting, screaming, then punch a guy, say sorry to that guy, punch that guy again and run, cry alone in a dark place...........

Well, luckily I manage to escape from that situation today. I'm definitely not going to experience that state again!!!

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