Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prelude to Easter post

Hey everyone, I'm finally back to write something on the blog. It took me some time to have a little break from study and type something on the blog. Well, this time, I'll be only spend a few minutes to write what I'm going to write soon during the Easter Break, so that at least, I won't forget what I'm going to say soon in the blog.

Well, it's already been the end of the 5th week in ANU, and  I've been busy with a lot of stuff in my life, mainly clubs and jobs as well. What I'm going to illustrate during the Easter break would be what happened to me for the past 6 weeks (staring week 1 till before Easter break). I'm going to talk about what's I'm on, jobs, clubs and society that I've join, what I've been thinking a lot for a couple of weeks etc. Basically it was a story of my life in uni, more like a second chapter of the whole book...LOL.

So I'm not going to illustrate much here because I'm having mid-term exams soon and I've just manage to have my own time to study and do my assignments before it due, so I have to tough up for another 2 weeks before the coming Easter holiday. Stay tune for my upcoming post during Easter. So, see you all and hope you all stay healthy as always, bless you all :)

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